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  • District heating supply and geothermal energy in Erding

    The starting point
    The end of oil drilling activities in 1983 meant the beginning of a pioneering geothermal project for the Zweckverband für Geowärme Erding (Erding Geothermal Energy Consortium) – because drilling down to 2,359 metres found not oil, but rather thermal water at 65°C in a water table between 1,800 and 2,200 metres underground. The Zweckverband für Geowärme Erding now pumps hot water up to the surface from this aquifer. However, at the time the oil drilling company had no use for it. The city and district of Erding decided to take over and use the Erding 1 hole, which provided the impetus for the Erding Geothermal Energy Project in 1989.

    The objective
    The Zweckverband Geowärme’s objective was to establish one of the largest deep geothermal energy-based district heating supplies. Another aim was to implement a comprehensive energy concept for the largest spa resort in the world.

    The solution
    We now run two geothermal power plants with a connected district heating supply on behalf of the city and district of Erding. One unique element about the thermal water pumped at Erding is that it is put to multiple uses. It provides reliable heating for many of Erding’s households, businesses and buildings. However, the thermal water is also transformed into bathing water for the world's largest spa resort. Furthermore, the spa is the largest district heating customer with a connected load of around 15 MW, equating to approximately 1,000 single-family houses. Iqony Energies also planned a comprehensive energy concept for the world’s largest spa resort, constructed all the relevant systems and is now responsible for their operation. A CHP plant with two ultra-modern CHP units was thus established to meet the plant’s own electricity requirements.