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  • Home delivery of district heating

    Our solution for end users: home delivery of district heating. We are one of the biggest nationally operating suppliers of district heating. District heating is especially comfortable to use – the desired heat is conveniently supplied right to your home. Users do not need a boiler of their own, and no local emissions are produced. In many cases our district heating is particularly environmentally friendly in production – with a large percentage of renewables and combined heat and power generation.

    Iqony has decades of experience in district heating supply. Alone or in joint ventures with local authorities and public utilities, we directly and reliably supply district heating to end users. Our generating plants for the most part are cogeneration plants: they produce power and district heating simultaneously – that is especially efficient and conserves resources. The hot water produced during this process is transported to our customers through a system of pipes.

    Not only conventional sources of energy are used for generation, but also, inter alia, the waste heat from industrial enterprises and, to a growing extent, renewable sources of energy like geothermal energy and biomass. In this way we help to increase the proportion of renewables in the German energy mix.