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    40 Jahre Fernwärme-Verbund Saar

    Mit der 19 km langen Fernwärmeschiene Saar von Saarlouis bis Völklingen versorgt der Fernwärmeverbund Saar rund 13.500 Haushalte mit klimaschonender Fernwärme. Darauf sind wir stolz.

    Wärme verbindet eine Region

    Der Fernwärme-Verbund Saar betreibt die Fernwärmeschiene Saar. Sie verläuft über 19 Kilometer von Saarlouis bis Völklingen und versorgt rund 13.500 Kunden im Saarland mit klimaschonender Fernwärme.


    We are Iqony Energies

    We are part of Iqony


    As a regional energy supplier we supply environmentally friendly district heating to households, large consumers and real estate companies in the German federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland, and in Poland.

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    For decades we have been extracting and utilizing the mine gas that occurs in hard coal mining operations. In Germany we have grown to become the market leader in power generation from mine gas.

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    For reliable energy supply in any situation. Whether the purpose is to supply energy during a blackout, to supply additional energy, to bridge shortages or supply energy on a continuous basis: our mobile energy units reliably provide you with hot or warm water and steam.

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    We actively participate in shaping the energy transition. This is another field where we can contribute extensive experience, because we already have been relying on renewables worldwide for many years.

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