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  • Customized energy solutions based on efficient and sustainable concepts

    As specialists in distributed energy supply, we ensure efficient production of heat, refrigeration, electricity and process steam close to where it is needed. We develop and implement comprehensive and holistic concepts for local energy supply for industrial consumers and properties, maximizing energy from renewable sources.

    Within Iqony, we are the specialists for customized local energy supply solutions based on efficient and sustainable concepts. Our expertise covers the entire value chain: we plan, implement and operate local energy production plants.

    Partnering with local authorities we build district heating networks to supply buildings with convenient district heating and hot water. Depending on the scope agreed with our partners, we can take on some or all of the tasks involved in such projects, from heat production to direct supply of district heating to the end users.

    In all our activities, we aim to maximize energy from renewable sources. This helps industrial companies to reduce their carbon footprint and the housing sector to achieve a good primary energy factor.

    Mine gas engine plants and mobile energy units complete our portfolio.