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  • Waste heat utilisation – the key to cost reductions and the energy revolution

    Waste heat as a key source of energy for heating networks – gained from industrial processes, thermal power stations and waste incineration.

    Many industrial processes offer opportunities for making use of waste heat, which can be incorporated back into operations, used to generate power or cooling, or fed into the district heating network. Modern utilisation concepts overcome the technical challenges involved and thus enable environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient district heating production. As a result, industrial companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and make a major contribution to the sustainable thermal energy revolution.

    The best technologies for each particular situation depend on the relevant circumstances on site such as the temperatures reached, users’ requirements, and other factors such as a company’s electricity procurement costs. This is a complex process, but if carefully analysed and planned, a waste heat project can provide a company with more efficient energy use and reduced costs.

    Basic options for waste heat utilisation

    Customer-oriented project optimisation, from a comprehensive needs and potential assessment through to a highly efficient supply solution

    Using the waste heat generated by your processes allows you to economically increase your energy efficiency. We perform a cost-neutral analysis of your energy situation and develop a sustainable technical concept for waste heat utilisation.

    We offer

    • Comprehensive consulting that draws on our many years of experience in energy management and technical operations
    • A comprehensive energy check and a potential assessment
    • A customised system and project development concept
    • All planning, financing and construction work for the system
    • The use of high-quality of system components
    • Operational management optimised for the customer and system
    • Contract flexibility

    Get in touch with us for a quotation and energy concept tailored to you. Take advantage of attractive cost and CO2 savings.

    Project partnership with KRAFTBLOCK – efficient use of waste heat thanks to mobile heat storage

    Iqony and KRAFTBLOCK have pooled their individual strengths in a joint project developing innovative concepts for storage technology.

    In conjunction with our project partner KRAFTBLOCK, we are able to deploy modular, scalable energy storage that can store thermal energy (i.e. heat) at temperatures up to 1,300 degrees Celsius.

    The benefits of mobile heat storage

    • Its nanotechnology-based granules are significantly more efficient than conventional storage media such as salt or concrete, which can normally only reach temperatures of maximum 600 degrees.
    • It is made of 85% recycled materials. • It has an expected service life of over 30 years.
    • This is a very sustainable form of heat storage from both an economic and an environmental perspective.
    • This storage system enables renewable energy production to be decoupled from the actual use of energy produced in a climate-friendly way.
    • This means that it can be made available whenever it is needed – even if there is no wind or if the sun has gone down.
    • The modular system can be put to very efficient use for waste heat utilisation in industry, which could help many companies to reduce their carbon footprint.