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    Obtaining energy from wood and plant residues

    In Germany we are one of the three major players in the business of energy generation from wood-based biomass. Wood is a sustainable raw material: in Germany, a quantity of wood equivalent to a cube with an edge length of 1.60 meters grows again every second. However, no trees are felled specifically for our biomass-fired plants – they use wood that accumulates elsewhere.

    The plants mostly use waste wood, for example wood from what were once structural elements or furniture. In addition, untreated wood residues from industry, forestry, tree care and landscape management are used. All wood-fired facilities are certified waste management operations.

    Our power plants for the most part are highly efficient cogeneration plants, producing power and heat simultaneously. The heat is used in district heating networks or supplied to industries as process steam. The electricity is fed into the public grid. Owing to the CO2-neutral use of biomass our plants prevent the release of several hundred thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually.




    Iqony betreibt in Dresden- Niedersedlitz ein mit Altholz befeuertes Holz- Heizkraftwerk.

    Der Großteil der erzeugten Wärme wird in das Fernwärmenetz unseres wichtigsten Kunden, der Technischen Dienste Heidenau geliefert.


    Biomass combined heat and power plant


    In Ilmenau we operate a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant that produces electricity and heat in a very efficient cogeneration process.


    Biomass combined heat and power plant


    The Warndt biomass combined heat and power plant produces electricity and heat using fresh forestry wood from the region.