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  • Geothermal energy

    Heat that comes out of the ground

    Geothermal energy is a virtually inexhaustible source of energy with a good CO2 footprint. We are experts at producing district heating from geothermal energy. In Germany, we are one of the biggest operators of district heating supply systems on a geothermal basis.

    From the interior of our planet, a vast quantity of energy in the form of heat flows towards the surface – and dissipates for the most part, unused. Every day the Earth radiates four times more energy into space than all industrial facilities, power plants and vehicles on its surface simultaneously consume. The particular advantage of this energy: it is always available, regardless of the weather and the time of day.

    We make this source of energy useful by designing, building and operating plants for district heating supply on a geothermal basis.


    Geothermal heating plants


    In Erding we have built up one of Germany's largest district heating supply systems that uses hot deep groundwater.


    Geothermal heating plant


    We operate a geothermal heating plant with district heating supply for the city authorities in Unterschleissheim.