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  • Generating energy where it is needed

    Distributed generating facilities are becoming more and more important as the energy transition progresses, for they increase efficiency and conserve resources. Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in the design, construction and operation of such plants.

    In distributed generation, energy (electricity, heat, refrigeration, process steam) is produced and made available close to the consumer by small power plants.

    As partners to industry, local authorities, public utilities and the housing sector we develop customized solutions in which a wide variety of technologies can find use. This ranges from simple boilers in a district heating station to ultra-efficient combined heat and power generating plants, to wind power and solar systems.

    The heat produced in our distributed facilities usually is used to supply individual properties, is fed into district heating networks, or is used in the form of process steam for industrial production processes.

    As district heating supplier we are also the direct contact for end users.

    Customized contracting solutions

    Energy efficiency is getting to be an increasingly important competitive advantage. For industrial enterprises and for local authorities and public utilities as well, we therefore develop and implement customized solutions for future-proof distributed energy supply.

    Our tasks comprise the planning and construction of power generation and distribution systems and of instrumentation and control systems, the financing and operation of the plants, and the supply of and billing for usable energy such as heat, refrigeration and electricity. One focal area is plants with combined heat and power generation, which permit attaining particularly high energy utilization rates.

    Different contracting models make it easier for our customers to implement projects to save energy or to integrate renewables without having to make investments of their own. In consequence, savings potentials no longer go unused, and efficient new technologies achieve a breakthrough.

    High reliability of supply, greater energy efficiency, big cost savings and a favorable environmental balance are the result of careful individual planning and trusting long-term cooperation.

    Example projects at Iqony

    Karlsberg Brewery

    Showcase plant for heat-intensive industry

    With an ultra-modern engine-type combined heat and power plant, Iqony ensures efficient and reliable power supply at the Karlsberg brewery.



    Comprehensive energy strategy for automobile manufacturer

    In this project, Iqony not only took on the planning, construction and financing of the energy system, but will in future also provide operation and maintenance services.


    Technical University of Darmstadt

    Electricity, heat and cooling in a complex environment

    Since January 2016, Iqony and ENTEGA (ENTEGA STEAG Wärme GmbH) have together been reliably supplying the Technical University of Darmstadt with electricity, heat and cooling.


    Karstadt-Energiezentrale Essen

    Umfangreiche Wärme- und Kälteversorgung

    Die Energiezentrale des ehemaligen Karstadt-Konzernsitzes in Essen-Bredeney versorgt insgesamt 120.000 m² Bürofläche mit zuverlässiger Heizwärme und Kälte. Iqony hat die Anlage 2019 übernommen, von der kompletten Modernisierung bis zur Betriebsführung.