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    41. Registration / deregistration / relocation form  
    Registration / deregistration / relocation form Please use this electronic form to register as a new district heating customer or to deregister/change your registration when you are moving to a new home. Note: STEAG New Energies respects your privacy! For details please read or Privacy…  
    42. Mobile heating units  
    [Translate to English:] Mobile Heizzentralen / Warmwasseranlagen [Translate to English:] Anlagen Nr.Warmwasser Temperatur max. in °CDruck max. in barWerksnummerHersteller KesselHersteller FeuerungsanlageLeistung in KW 611 110 6 2.01.800.01 Omnical Weishaupt 800 628 110 6 2.01.1400.01 Viessmann…  
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    Electricity, heat and cooling for the Technical University of Darmstadt Complex tasks are what STEAG New Energies thrives on. A completely new central energy plant has been installed to extend and modernize the energy supply system at the Technical University of Darmstadt. It consists of a combined…  
    49. Contact Form  
    Contact Form Using the form below you can contact us and let us know your wishes. We will pass on your message as quickly as possible to the right office and will do our best to give you a prompt reply. *Mandatory fields  
    50. District heating for Rochlitz  
    District heating for Rochlitz District heating in Rochlitz has a host of advantages: For you as the customer:   High level of security of supply, because district heating is always available. No combustion at home, because district heating is supplied ready to use. Low operating and…  
    51. District heating in Mayen  
    District heating in Mayen Until the end of the 1990s, public and private buildings in Mayen (Rhineland-Palatinate) were heated by distributed facilities based on conventional fuels like fuel oil and natural gas. A short distance from the city the WEIG-Karton company operates a big paper mill.…  
    52. District heating in Werl  
    District heating in Werl In Werl (North Rhine-Westphalia), city on the medieval Hellweg road, in the year 2000 we set up a district heating supply system whose connected load today is 15 megawatts. Initially, a mobile central energy plant provided the necessary heat; from 2003 on the Werl…  
    53. District heating in Winnenden  
    District heating in Winnenden What began with the deployment of a mobile central energy plant has developed into a sizeable district heating supply system with a connected load of 45 megawatts. Today Fernwärme Winnenden GmbH & Co. KG in Winnenden (Baden-Württemberg) supplies the Schelmenholz…  
    54. Mine gas engine plant  
    Mine gas engine plant We operate our largest mine gas-fired engine plant at the STEAG Völklingen/Fenne power plant site. In each of the 14 modules around 1,500 cubic meters of mine gas per hour can be used. The installed electric and thermal capacity, respectively, is in excess of 40 megawatts. …  
    55. Geothermal heating plants Unterschleißheim  
    Geothermal heating plants We operate a geothermal heating plant with district heating supply for the city authorities in Unterschleissheim. 75 percent of the heat is generated on the basis of geothermal energy; the remaining demand for heat is covered by a peak load boiler fired by natural gas and…  
    56. Biomass combined heat and power plant Warndt  
    Biomass combined heat and power plant The Warndt biomass combined heat and power plant produces electricity and heat using fresh forestry wood from the region. The electricity is fed into the public grid. The greater part of the thermal energy is used to supply district heating for the communities…  
    57. Biomass combined heat and power plant  
    Biomass combined heat and power plant In Ilmenau we operate a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant that produces electricity and heat in a very efficient cogeneration process. The CHP plant has an installed electric capacity of about five megawatts and a connected capacity of ten megawatts…  
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