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  • Tailor-made energy solutions

    As partner to industrial enterprises we provide tailor-made solutions for generating heat, cooling, electricity,compressed air or process steam near the point of consumption. High-efficiency plants create competitive advantages in ever more competitive global markets.

    Our tasks comprise the planning and construction of power generation and distribution systems and of instrumentation and control systems, the financing and operation of the plants, and the supply of and billing for usable energy such as heat, refrigeration, compressed air and electricity. One focal area is plants with combined heat and power generation, which permit attaining particularly high energy utilization rates. At the same time we always consider the overall situation in the energy sector in the context of current, constantly changing legislation.

    Different contracting models make it easier for our customers to realize projects to save energy or to integrate renewables without having to make investments of their own. In consequence, savings potentials no longer go unused, and efficient new technologies achieve a breakthrough.

    Power Plants in Germany

    Karlsberg Brewery

    Showcase plant for heat-intensive industry

    With an ultra-modern engine-type combined heat and power plant, Iqony ensures efficient and reliable power supply at the Karlsberg brewery.



    Comprehensive energy strategy for automobile manufacturer

    In this project, Iqony not only took on the planning, construction and financing of the energy system, but will in future also provide operation and maintenance services.


    Technical University of Darmstadt

    Electricity, heat and cooling in a complex environment

    Since January 2016, Iqony Energies and ENTEGA (ENTEGA STEAG Wärme GmbH) have together been reliably supplying the Technical University of Darmstadt with electricity, heat and cooling.